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CNC is the abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control. CNC machining is any kind of machining process controlled by a computer. Computer automation can manufacture parts faster more accurately and more precisely than parts produced by manual machining better suited to complex geometries. CNC also reduces the amount of manual machining work that would otherwise be done by humans. While they don't machine every part themselves people are critical to the programming and operation of the machinery to ensure that every operation runs smoothly.


A. Material Ability
Alloys of Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Magnesium, Iron in different kinds of rod, plate, extrusion, forging, casting, stamping are machinable.

B. Machining Experience
Aluminum: 2014, 6061, 6063, 6066, 6082, 7050, 7075, ADC5
Other alloy: SCM440, 4130, SKH51



We’re eliminating slow and antiquated processes with automated engineering tools to help you reduce development cycles and increase the speed at which projects are delivered.

Depending on the type of part that needs to be machined there are different types of CNC machines that are best for the job. CNC milling uses CNC milling machines that consist of multi-axis systems (3 4 or 5 axes depending on part complexity). CNC turning involves a lathe which usually has 2 axes and uses a circular motion to cut the workpiece. An electrical discharge machine (EDM) uses electric sparks to form a workpiece into the desired shape. Gear hobbing is another machining process used to cut gears splines and sprockets. Other CNC machine types include plasma cutters and water jet cutters.

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